Today we are submitting our marketing website and other project documents.We hope all goes well and the lecturer will like what we did…All the best for this project!!!


The official Sizzle Logo…..

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The official logo to be used throught our project will be the one above.All rights have been reserved for this logo and under no circumstances should anyone try to use this logo for his/her own benefit.

By :

SpheresConneXion (Connecting all spheres of technology)


Our progress..

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Its been long and hard road for us regarding the project. We’ve had fights¬†&¬†disagreements regarding the mobile application but have finally decided on WINDOWS MOBILE. We are very excited, really can’t wait!!!!

Nearing completion

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we ALMOST done!! Iv had to start a couple of times but things are looking good.. cant wait to launch.

Busy with the Database now……

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Long Day AHEAD!


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on our way to the top

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watch this space!!!