The Project

 More About The Project

  • We have identified an Events Coordinator who would like us to create a website and a mobile application so that it is easier to communicate with clients in a user-friendly environment.
  • At this point in time, the co-ordinator is only able to communicate with clients through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and would like to have a platform to do so.
  • The main purpose is to be able to let clients communicate ideas as to what they would love to see at events and also to show previews of all events taking place.
  • The company would also like client to be able to share, read, edit and re-post short video clips, music, pdf files, poetry or lyrics and images.
  • It would also help in facilitating bookings for any of the events hosted by the company.

We will be focusing on the following areas:

  • Develop a website and a mobile application for our client to meet the business needs and to fulfill client’s needs.

Outputs Desired

The outputs desired from this project would be as follows:

  • To create a functional website and mobile application so that it “brings out the creative in a person”.
  • To show an African creative platform focusing on visual and motion media to assist in growing events, creatives and film makers.
  • To make it easy for clients and staff to be able communicate better with one another.

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